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ARMOR acquires Thermal Transfer Ribbon Business and IP from Iconex;
Companies Sign Global Reseller Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

To complement the official press release, here is a list of Q&A to bring additional operational information.

What does the deal consist of?

ARMOR has acquired the Thermal Transfer activity of Iconex, as well as the related Intellectual Property (formulas, processes, etc.). Iconex will stop manufacturing TTR and become a partner of ARMOR, benefitting from the full range of ARMOR products associated to the excellent service of the Group and ARMOR will enlarge its own product range with the legacy Iconex grades, including Ultra V. The deal is worldwide, even if the vast majority of the volume is achieved in North America. Commences 1st October 2018

How will the information be spread?

Official announcement has been done. The deal will in effect take place on 1st October. Meanwhile, an information will be sent to each Iconex customer, to inform on whom shall be their official contact at ARMOR or at Iconex.

As Iconex is selling to end users, does this deal represent a change for ARMOR strategy?

Absolutely not. All end-user customers will remain Iconex customers. Iconex is becoming a partner of ARMOR. Iconex existing resellers will, from 1st October, be handled by ARMOR. This will strengthen ARMOR’s position on the North American market and will support the expansion of Iconex existing customers.

Does this mean Iconex products will not be available anymore starting 1st October?

Not at all. This new partnership between ARMOR and Iconex has enabled to work on the constitution of a 9 to 12 months stock of products made by Iconex (depending on grades). In addition, the deal is also including intellectual property on all Iconex range of products. There will be a few products which will immediately transition from Iconex to ARMOR and ARMOR’s strong technical/application support will be available for any unexpected issue.

Who will I contact to place orders or for customer care?

Contact your usual contact at Iconex and he/she will inform you. The logic has been to keep both companies’ strategies and Iconex will keep end user customers as its customers, ARMOR will take care of other profiles. You will receive a dedicated information on this matter. All will be operational starting 1st October.

Starting 1st October, shall I expect any change on the product, either on performance or on any visual aspects?

Thanks to the stock manufactured by Iconex, there will be absolutely no change on the ribbon performance. Certain packaging components may become ARMOR’s, which explains some slight changes on the box (design and dimension), or labels (design and dimensions), which will absolutely not affect the performance of the ribbons. The stock manufactured by Iconex will enable a smooth transition towards an ARMOR grade.

What will be the benefit for me?

TTR is ARMOR’s primary business, ARMOR focus and expertise is unequalled, Ex-Iconex resellers will receive dedicated service and support. ARMOR will also bring this unequalled support to Iconex to ensure an increased level of confidence and satisfaction of its own customers. The partnership between ARMOR and Iconex is strong and will ensure we build together only benefits.

In case I have a quality claim on an Iconex made product, how will it be handled after 1st October?

Your contact will be responsible to treat the claim, meaning no change for customers remaining with Iconex, others will benefit from ARMOR technical field support.

What issues shall we expect from this switch?

None. As we will ensure continuity of products, a wider product portfolio will be available for Iconex customers. The transition to ARMOR products will smoothly take place with a strong technical support, including some new products to come. ARMOR is focused onto Thermal Transfer and all should benefit from it.

Will my service level be impacted (MOQ, lead time)?

ARMOR lead time is 3 days for manufactured items, same day for stock items for orders placed by 2pm est. All today’s Iconex resellers will benefit from this service level starting 1st October. MOQ for manufactured items is 24 rolls on one-inch core ribbons (or closest quantity depending on quantity per box) and 1 box for stock items.

Who will be my Sales Manager?

For customers switching from Iconex to ARMOR, you will be assigned an experienced ARMOR Sales Manager, they will be meeting you very soon. For Iconex end-user customers, the existing contact will remain.

ARMOR has several worldwide sites, will all of them offer former Iconex grades?

Yes. In case a non-American reseller of Iconex was sourcing from the US, he will now be capable to source from a closer ARMOR entity and get enhanced local support (shorter lead time and lower freight charges).

What will happen once the 9/12 months stock will be finished?

As said, ARMOR has acquired all Intellectual Property from Iconex and ARMOR R&D engineers are already working intensively, with the support of Iconex, in preparing the transition of production in ARMOR’s state of the art production facility in France.

By the end of the stock period coverage, still with the support of ARMOR’s application teams, customers will continue benefiting from the same legacy performance products, which will continue also having the same grade name. Customers will also benefit from the wide choice of ARMOR products offered in the range to fulfill all application needs.

Certain jumbo dimensions may vary and this will be discussed on a case by case basis before the switch.


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